Entertainment center TV stands by zeitgeist.

zeitgeist’s FSM floor stand Metal is ideal TV stand to place in the center of living room or any room as Entertainment center TV stand.

Simple and visually light weighted design features spirit of modern Bauhaus design.


Entertainment center TV stand

“Entertainment center” still exist?

Streaming services changes the way of placing TVs

Considering the current streaming technology and how quickly it has came into our house, there is no longer need of having stacks of DVDs place around your TV.

TV and TV stands can be much simpler and large entertainment center is no longer required.

May be the word “Entertainment center” is the word of past.


Wall hang it may not be the best solution…

Hanging the TV on the wall make the living interior simple and clean. However hanging the TV on the wall is major project.

Think about the the cables, Power supply behind the wall, making holes on the wall, add support frame inside the wall …..

If you are planning to live in your current home for a while, might be worth it.

Not only the possibility of you may be move or change where the sofa is now,  but also the TV technology advances and your current TV is not fresh as it is in 5 years time.

This stand simply hold the TV with mount.  Mounting TV on the cantilevered chair leg.

Stand itself is movable since it is like having TV on the chair. The whole stand can swivel.

This gives you more freedom for living interior. You may buy new sofa, new chair, new painting so that you may want to move your TV and re-arrange the lay-out of furniture.

This stand welcomes that since the stand’s design is modern master piece. it matches with any modern furniture.

It will most likely give you fresh yet familiar start with new items in your living room.


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