Wooden TV stand with mount by zeitgeist

Floor Stand Wood is simple yet functional wooden TV stand with mount.

Stand made by plywood and has oak wood finish.

Design reflects the spirit of mid century modern era design.

Simple yet elegant curve on the wood material makes beautiful interior item with quality.



Simple construction 3 Plywood panel

Stand is made of 3 pieces of plywood panel makes very easy to set up.

3 wood panels are firmly connected by durable steel pipe so it is stable and firm.

This wooden TV Stand weighs about 17 pounds. it is light and be able to move within the length of cables.


Wooden TV stand FSW Features

●TV mount

FSW accommodates 34 to 60 inch TV.  Stand has universal TV mount bracket to accommodate TV from most major TV manufacturers.

●Mid-century modern interior design

Organically designed  ply wood TV stand has mid century modern design. It is space efficient TV stand.

It can be placed in the corner of bed room and used as corner TV stand entertainment center.


Chair leg shaped wooden TV stand can be moved within the reach of cables.

Direction of TV and stand can be changed. Also can be move to  aside when not in use.

●Slit for cables

There are slit for power, antenna cables on the leg of stand.

The stand is both physically and visually simple. Wooden TV stand FSW makes the TV surroundings clean and simple.


● Compatible with streaming services.

Having stuck of discs near TV is no longer needed with streaming service like netflix or hulu.

Therefore FSW minimized the storage functionality only to table.



Inspired by mid-century modern design, Floor Stand Wood has soft and organic figure.

Original and unique figure as an TV stand yet very familiar look.

It is because this TV stand is inspired by mid century master piece furniture design.

That is why FSW(Floor stand wood)can install TV into modern interior like modern master piece.

FSW wooden TV stand can make great matching with modern home interior.


for the detail of the product see below product page.