55 60 inch TV stand

zeitgeist’s creation of simple design TV is outstanding invention.

The design is original and unique at first sight yet this is traditional modern design created more than 100 years ago.

Stand is designed for 50  55 60 inch TV so that together with 55 60 inch TV, it is well balanced design.  This TV stand  creates floating like aesthetics. Make the TV look like floating or hanged on the wall.

The stand is made of vented steel pipe with cantilevered structure. Iconic light weight design of modern design has been realized as TV stand.

zeitgeist’s simple design 55 60 inch TV stand is called FSM, Floor Stand Metal.

55 60 inch TV stand simple design


Simple visually light 55 60 inch TV stand from zeitgeist.


TV Mount for 55 60 inch TV

The stand has universal TV mount. TV stand accommodates almost any 55 60 inch TV currently in the market.

The stand uses wall hanging mount device to place or hag the TV on stand.

Stand design is simple so setting up stand is easy as well.

Stand its self only has 3 pieces of joint pipe parts and wall mount device is 4 pieces of parts.

55 to 60 inch TV stand with mount

Cable installed

zeitgeist’s FSM Floor Stand Metal comes with cables installed.

Major cables Power, Antenna, HDMI cables are already installed inside the pipe of stand. This makes setting up TV extremely easy. For cabling all you need is hock up with existing device or power supply using these cables. Connecting TV with wall power supply is essential. HDMI connects cable box or Blu-ray DVD player on glass shelf. And analogue antenna cable is also in the pipe already, hook this to wall antenna source will feed you TV signal directly to TV.

Cables management is always the key to make the TV look simple in your room.

TV stand with mount cables and back


Detail of 55 60 inch TV stand FSM



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