Corner TV stands by zeitgeist.

zeitgeist’s FSM floor stand Metal is ideal TV stand to place in the corner of living room or any room.

Simple and visually light weighted design features spirit of modern Bauhaus design.

Corner TV stands entertainment center Simple design space efficiency interior top view


zeitgesit’s FSM is simple entertainment center and ideal to use as Corner TV stands.

Although it is originally designed as simple TV stand to place against the wall, since its design is simple and minimal, its foot print is minimum.

As an result it is ideal place in the corner of living room or any room. It is ideal solution for second TV in your bed room.

Corner TV stands, simple entertainment center enhance the space efficiency of your living room

When you place your TV in the corner, it uses the wasted or non used space of your room. Taking advantage of that space give you extra space in your more frequently used spaces. Such as space between bottom of bed and wall.

If you are to hang the TV on the wall it may solve the problem however hanging the TV on the wall is major project. Considering the power supply and cabling behind the wall, making holes on the wall, may require to add supportive frame inside the wall and so on. Of course if your current home rented, there is no point of making such investment.

Streaming services changes the way of placing TVs

Considering the current streaming technology and how quickly it has came into your house, there is no longer need of having stacks of DVDs place around your TV.

TV and TV stands can be much simpler and large entertainment center is no longer required.


Corner TV stands entertainment center with simple modern design


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