TV stand with mount featured with simple Mid-century modern design .

The design of FSM, Floor Stand Metal, was inspired by the spirit of Mid-century modern design.

The era which became the base of current functional furniture design.

At the time, more than 100years ago, there was no Flat screen TV. So there was no such thing called TV stands nor the masterpiece TV stand design.

This stand simply hold the TV with mount.  Mounted TV on the cantilevered chair leg like steel pipe stand.

Stand itself is movable since it is like having TV on the chair. The whole stand can swivel.


Simple design tv stand with mount

FSM Comes with cables

Cable ruins all the simple minimal look of the stand. However for the floor stand metal, it will comes with cables.

it already has the major cable wired inside of the pipe. All it takes is to plug in them.


TV stand with mount cables and back

Simple design TV stand with mount.

simple design TV stand with mount