TV stand entertainment center unit with simple and modern design

TV entertainment unit is something that you enjoy everyday at your living room.

However we think is placing TV in the center with huge presence is not what modern design interior is looking for.

In the living room we seek family conversation and not one way message from TV.

More simple interior design more gatherings not the massive presence of TV in the center of living room.

zeitgeist designed TV stand FSM, Floor Stand Metal to minimize the presence of TV stand entertainment unit.

The stand is made of bent steel pipe with cantilevered structure.  Iconic light weight design in modern design has realized as TV stand.

The design is original and unique at first sight yet this is traditional modern design created more than 100 years ago.

Stand is designed for 50  to 60 inch TV  and it is well balanced 50 to 60 inch TVs.

zetgeist’s FSM floor Stand Metal TV stand entertainment unit creates floating like aesthetics.  Make the TV look like floating or hanged on the wall.

TV stand entertainment unit with simple and moder design

 Wall hanging or not.

Hanging the TV on the wall is make the living interior much simpler and could make the TV disappeared in the interior.

However hanging the TV on the wall is major project. Consider the cables. Power supply behind the wall, making holes on the wall, add supportive frame inside the wall …..

If you are going to live in your current home more than five years may be worth making such investment.

Not only the possibility of you may be move or change the lay out of room, TV technology advances and your current TV screen may become outdated in 5 years.

This stand simply hold the TV with mount.  Mounted TV on the cantilevered chair leg like steel pipe stand.

Stand itself is movable since it is like having TV on the chair. The whole stand can swivel.


Fore more detail of FSM see link below