Blade Runner 2049 design architecture modern TV stand

Isozaki Arata refers to Mies van der Rohe’s “Lake Shore Drive Apartment” as following (“Sumi-ka Twelfth”, Mai Library Publishing Bureau, 1999).

In the hell of a three-dimensional lattice, “You will be creating your own shell in a box that accommodates your life, so the design possibility in Metropolis is interior only”

The identity of a person is the past memories concerning himself, and in the city that transits at fast speed after modern times, we barely identify our own  is because the <memory> of the <city> such as the building and streets
keep connecting the past with the present. In the world where <land> has been lost and <architecture> has become ambiguous, the indoor space surrounding his / her body and the pictures and objects placed there become sources of individual ‘s memories.

Nostalgic interior drawn in the film “Blade Runner” (Director Ridley Scott, 1982) and the movie “Blade Runner 2049” (Director Duni Villeneuve, 2017) is a symbol of an individual’s memory and recursion The past is what is changed <memory>.
The replicants of the previous movie decorate family photographs and the main character K (Ryan Gosling) of this 2049 carries a small horse which is a memory of childhood. Biased love of interior is the confirmation of own <memory>.

The theme “memories” played along with the appearance of the future city in both works gives us the impression that the present city has been terminated.
The city where everything rapidly transforming will eventually only exists in <memory>. Would we be able to say that if there is a <memory> then we can survive in the loss.
Blade-runner-memory-city-TV-arivhitecture-interior-design (* Blade Runner 2049, source: e-julian-meush)

Let’s follow the story of “Blade Runner 2049”

K the Blade Runner of LAPD is a new type replicant designed to be obedient to humans called Nexus 9 type, and mission is to dismiss (obliterate) old replicant of rebellion reserve army. At the beginning of the story, Tyrell, which went bankrupt, has been secretly succeeded in  developing a replicant with reproductive ability, and shocking fact became apparent, a woman replicant gave birth to a child replicant.
The story is written along with K. K was responsible for eradicating the old replicant.
Wallace co,ltyd is manufacturer of a new replicant and wanting to acquire replicant reproductive information. The former Blade Runner Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) the hero of the previous movie is holding that secret. Deckard (Harrison Ford) is to find a replicant born from his spouse. A story of seek & find of a lonely man set in the unscrupulous city Los Angeles. This work is Chandler’s legitimate legitimate child.

Through investigation K starts doubts about his origins. In “Blade Runner” it was debated if Deckard was a replicant, but the hero K of “Blade Runner 2049” was a special existence born from his mother, or a manufactured servant of a human being. The place where the investigation of the case transforms into searching for himself  is
Birth or production?  The difference is whether the <memory> is a natural memory of growth process or embedded data.
key person Ana Stellin appears as memory writer for Replicant. I have the ability to distinguish between the real <memory> of human beings and the embedded <memory> produced and created.
“The important thing is it is like real .” Doctor murmured towards K.
Blade-runner-hero-TV-arivhitecture-design-city (* Blade Runner 2049, source:

e image of <land> is always rendered at the key points of the story.
In the beginning of the story,
the old-fashioned replikant died after becoming a mother.  The remains of her was carefully placed in a box and was buried in the soil at the root of a dead tree.
K ignores the order of his boss for the first time and sees it with Dr. Anna Stellin from doubt to his own <memory>
. Doctor is living in a sterile room of glass because of immunodeficiency. He plays with insects in the forest with holography generated by himself. That is the opposite of the gloomy terminal image drifting in the full story, the land of utopia. Full of sun, greenery and life.

No matter how ruined it is, the place where the human being will return last is nothing other than <land>. Because it has been lost, people can not help seeking <land> as a utopia. Even if it was artificially created.
( Blade Runner 2049 )
And the last scene, K guide the rescued Deckard to the Doctor’ laboratory.
K wounded in death combat with Love. And lies as it collapses into the stairway of the entrance of the laboratory. Snow falls on top of <Earth> and the snow quietly falls over K. Non stopping snow
metaphor of death and regeneration like it was heavy rain in the last scene of the previous work.

enied the meaning of existence given from outside, K gained freedom of himself
by his own will, shows a faintly smiling expression. It seems to be nothing more than a human relief returned to <Land>.
Building on <land> was the low-rise architecture of the laboratory.
 text by Tetsuya Omura