Recipe and cooking is open and free

Browsing the recipe in the kitchen.
Find the recipe of your feelings.
Think of menu for the weekend guest.
Menu is up to you, it’s free to choose.
The ones you always cook, the ones you had and liked, the ones with memories.
What you cook represents you.
Your choice is your expression.

Crossing border with cuisine

Internet information is border less. Recipe found in that universe is border less.
Try something new with recipe and video from all around the globe.
Explore the exotic food in your home kitchen.

Taste of Memories

When we were kids, in our hometown, her cooking was our favorite.
This weekend old friends will be gathering.
I know we all misses that dish.
My first trip to Italy, I will never forget that taste of basil tomato sauce.
Memory of the trip is with that taste.
Backpacking in southern India with my college mate.
That complexed spice taste is still memorized in my mouse along with its aroma.
I will try that curry from video found on youtube.
Let’s see how close I can get.




cooking with iPad